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BoomBoom And IceCube Game Guide

By : Rio Adi Nugraha : 2201798856 

Nicholas Jovanka : 2201798446

Nicholas Michael Halim: 2201798761


Level 1 of the game

Level 2 of the game

Level 3 of the game



This game is characterized by being a multiplayer puzzle platformer that is simple yet as gameplay depth built into the mechanics. The game consists of 2 characters namely icecube and boom-boom. As with the namesake icecube is an ice based character while boom boom is a fire based character. Each of them have basic platformer movement of jump, horizontal movement, and gravitational pull. Cooperation is key in winning this game. Pressure plates are available so that a player must rely on the other to progress. 


What makes this game unique is each character has control over their own domain. Boom boom can make the world into a fire based world while ice cube does the cold domain equivalent. The on screen properties of objects change depending on the world it is based in. obstacles come and go depending on world. Ice becomes water in fire world. A steam blower becomes a flamethrower. Steam blowers push both players a certain direction.  Balloons go up because of the heat in the fire world.


Lastly, the characters have their own unique properties that is important in making the game work. Vines are impenetrable by icecube but the fiery boom boom burns it with fire. Water is lethal against boom boom but the ice cube can just go through it with relative ease. Flame from the flamethrower kills icecube but boom boom can go through it with ease.



The controls for this game is simple as the player only controls 2 of the main characters. The controls can be seen in below:


Rio Adi Nugraha: Lead Programmer, Game Designer, and Map Designer. 

Nicholas Jovanka: Game Art Designer.

Nicholas Michael Halim: Character, Sprites, and Menu System                        Design.


Self-made resources:

  • The Main Characters (Boom Boom & Ice Cube)
  • The menu
  • Level layout

Resources taken from elsewhere:

-Most Assets and Background are taken from Open Game Arts:


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